Ants Ready to Bug Homeowners this Spring

As temperatures continue to rise, McCloud Services, warns that America’s number one nuisance pest will invade homes this spring in search of food. Follow these simple prevention tips to keep ants from marching indoors.

Grocery Industry

Ants: A First Sight of Spring

Retail stores may experience problems with ants being shipped in on product or inside wooden pallets. They may also come inside from the surrounding exterior as they search for food or new nest sites.


Spring Cleaning Helps Keep Homes Pest-Free

The spring months mark the onset of harmful pests including stinging insects like yellowjackets, wasps and hornets, making pest prevention especially important this time of year. Follow these quick and simple pest control tips.

Rodent Control Icon

Preventing Mice in Storage Rooms

The house mouse is pest of concern for grocery stores in the dock and storage areas. In addition to damaging products through gnawing and feeding on packaging, they can contaminate food with their fecal pellets and urine. Exclusion and sanitation are a key to prevention.

Pest Control in a Cost-Cutting Environment

Food Processing Online – By considering the impact on pest prevention in other decision-making, food professionals can pick up the slack from time-stressed service technicians.

Check Holiday Decor for Pests

Pest control tips to keep homes pest-free this holiday season and evade unwelcome house guests such as rodents, spiders, moths and more