Stored Product Pest Protection

Stored product pest management is essential to the safety of your brand and products. McCloud Services partners with you to protect the food supply from damaging stored product pests including the Indianmeal moth, Cigarette beetle, Warehouse beetle, and Flour beetle.

Our stored product pest protection services utilize techniques that are effective, economical, and emphasize food safety and contamination prevention, leveraged through early detection. Our service specialists perform detailed inspections to help identify those sanitation or structural concerns that are increasing the risk of stored product pest infestation. We diligently monitor to identify stored product pest populations and then develop control solutions appropriate for your facility.

The goal of our monitoring-intensive stored product pest program is to protect your company by using site specific techniques and programs found to be effective, including:

Sanitation adjustments
Environmental modification
Vegetation management
Trapping and monitoring
Mating disruption
ULV treatment
Data collection and evaluation
Employee training and education