Lumnia commercial fly light trap mounted on wall

Commercial Fly Traps

The presence of flies in your business without commercial fly light traps can lead to unsanitary conditions, health code violations, and more. At McCloud Services, we offer top-tier fly control services and products with unmatched efficacy and reliability – helping you keep your business pristine and your customers satisfied. Learn more about fly trapping options here.

Busy hallway in a hospital with doctors, nurses, and patients | McCloud Pest Solutions serving Memphis, TN

Why Your Healthcare Facility Needs Expert Pest Control

In healthcare facilities, there’s a continuous flow of people coming and going. That’s why pest problems tend to crop up frequently in places like hospitals, doctor offices, and clinics. Our professional pest experts will create a plan to help you avoid these issues, and protect your patients. Learn more about how we can help.

bed bugs in bed

Protecting Your Hospitality Business and Guests From Bed Bugs

Did you know that 80% of Americans are concerned about bed bugs at hotels? The unfortunate reality is, with travelers constantly coming and going, bed bugs are quite common in hospitality establishments. But don’t worry — our bed bug exterminators can protect your guests, and your reputation. Learn more about our process here.

German Cockroaches in Restaurants

Cockroaches will arrive from a number of sources: vendors, packaging, employees, customers, etc. The key is to make it an inhospitable environment for them. Learn more about our preventative measures you can take to protect your restaurant.

Grocery Industry

Common Ways Pests Hitchhike Into a Retail Store

Pests can run, crawl, fly and hitch-hike their way in. Some paths are obvious like a door that is left open, and some not so obvious. Here are two common ways pests can hitchhike into your store.

Warehouse Beetle 200x200

Warehouse Beetle: Identification and Prevention Methods

The warehouse beetle is one species that will come in with shipments and enter from the exterior environment. Because it has two potential pathways into a building, it is one of the most common stored product beetles to infest food facilities.

norway rat

Rats and the Pandemic

Some parts of the U.S. have seen a surge in rat activity, in part, due to the pandemic. Rats will in turn, increase their foraging distances in response to food shortages.