Fall Into a Pest Proofing Routine

Fall Into a Pest Proofing Routine

Pests such as mice, rats, box elder bugs and spiders will look for shelter in warm homes as the weather grows cooler. Now is the time to Pest Proof Homes

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It’s Cluster Fly Season

Now is the time of year when adult cluster flies start to enter structures and the time for treating the exterior of buildings to help prevent inward migrations.


Spiders Begin Seeking New Homes for Fall

As summer comes to an end, the spiders that have been enjoying the season outside will look indoors for the fall season in search of prey. Here are some helpful tips on how to best protect against spiders from entering your home. 

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Fumigation: An Effective Pest Control Method

Fumigation treatments remain an important element of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and will successfully mitigate pest pressures when performed properly. Here’s some expert insight on fumigation practices as a pest control solution.


Earwigs: A Common Pest of Summer

Earwigs feed on seedlings and can be considered a serious horticultural pest in greenhouses. They will also feed on soft fruits and sweet corn and can cause damage to produce. Follow these pest prevention tips to reduce the risk of an earwig infestation.