Warehouse Beetle 200x200

Warehouse Beetle: Identification and Prevention Methods

The warehouse beetle is one species that will come in with shipments and enter from the exterior environment. Because it has two potential pathways into a building, it is one of the most common stored product beetles to infest food facilities.

norway rat

Rats and the Pandemic

Some parts of the U.S. have seen a surge in rat activity, in part, due to the pandemic. Rats will in turn, increase their foraging distances in response to food shortages.

House-Mouse McCloud

COVID-19 Spreads Rodents

Juxtaposition of business booms and busts exacerbates seasonal issues. Rodent prevention and management amid the pandemic explained.

Technical Article

Pest Control Service Reports: 5 Keys Areas

Pest control service reports can help you make informed decisions when it comes to your facility’s pest management program. Here are the 5 key areas of a service report to pay close attention to.