Organic Compliant Program

McCloud Services’ organic pest management programs are natural extensions of our Integrated Pest Management and environmental philosophies.

For those seeking certification under the USDA’s National Organic Program, our organic pest management activities are consistent with the standards established in Section 205.271 of the National Organic Program (NOP).

A specific, four-step protocol is used as a guide to the overall organic pest management process. This protocol is designed in terms of priority and some steps may occur concurrently while other steps may not occur at all. In some cases, it may be unnecessary to take action beyond the first all-important step – pest prevention. All materials used will be submitted in a written plan prior to use. Special programs can be designed for facilities not falling under USDA National Organic Program protocols.

Organic Pest Management Protocol

  1. Pest Prevention – Exclusion and sanitations controls
  2. Mechanical or Physical Pest Management
  3. Application of Approved Materials
  4. Application of Materials Not on the National Organic List – Exception to Four-Step Protocol

Customized programs for restaurants and retail food stores are also available when the USDA NOP standards are not required.

Download Now: Organic Pest Management Protocol