The management of pests in your manufacturing facility requires a high degree of professionalism, experience and knowledge. Our pest management techniques are effective, economical and emphasize product safety, worker safety and contamination prevention. We partner with our clients in coordinating both non-chemical and chemical strategies in pest prevention and control for effective, long-term results.


Case Study: Manufacturing Plant
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Programs Designed for Your Manufacturing Facility

  • Protection from hidden fees due to an extensive list of pests covered under contract
  • Proactively prevent pests to insure a safe and comfortable work environment for employees
  • Customized programs to maintain continuous effectiveness

Pest Management for the Protection of Your Brand and Reputation

  • Detailed and regulatory-compliant documentation of service programming, materials used, methods of application, and pest activity trends
  • Highly trained workforce in both technical and safety aspects of the job. All service staff have completed an OSHA 10 hour safety course in addition to other McCloud safety and technical courses
  • Utilization of a tactical approach combined with quality initiatives and technology to analyze data quickly, resulting in fast, corrective actions
  • Support available 24/7/365 with a guaranteed response time