Electronic Data Collection

Communication and Documentation of Services

Communication and documentation are critical components of the partnership we have with our clients. Our goal is to gather consistent, complete, and valued information to form data-driven action plans. The communication and documentation exchange is an on-going process for which we have developed specific tools that help keep things simple and efficient. With mobile device and barcode scanning technology, we have the ability to provide a wide range of options for communication, documentation and reporting by having the service data available in electronic format with the McCloud Electronic Logbook and Web Portal.

Electronic Logbook

McCloud Services will provide communication, documentation and interactive report data with our secure electronic logbook. The electronic logbook provides immediate access to reports and data trends. Client users can easily evaluate results of the pest management program and react quickly to make measurable adjustments. Our electronic logbook is designed to be in compliance with GFSI and all third-party auditing agencies.


The E-Logbook is an extension of our secure web portal which includes the following features:

  • View Service Schedule
  • Request or Reschedule your Service
  • Update Payment Information
  • Pay Invoices
  • Submit requests to our Customer Service team