Lumnia LED Fly Trap for Commercial Fly Control

A fly control experts installs a Lumnia electronic UV fly trap in a restaurant kitchenWho wants to spend their time battling flies? Particularly in a business setting, they are far more than a mere annoyance. Flies pose health risks, and a minor issue with these pests can escalate into a major infestation surprisingly quickly. Consequently, a growing number of entrepreneurs are opting for the Lumnia LED Light Fly Trap as a preventative measure.

Lumnia stands at the forefront of UV fly management technology, delivering an innovative and successful approach to detecting and eradicating airborne pests. For additional information on Lumnia Fly Lights and to discover how they can benefit your establishment, we invite you to contact us immediately.

Features & Benefits

Effective solution at a lower cost – These high-attraction LED lamps are optimized to catch more flies while also using less energy than before. Compared to our competitors, the Lumnia insect light trap can save you up to 79% of energy usage.¹
Unbeatable attraction and capture rate – Lumnia is proven best in class, with up to 46% faster catch rate than equivalent LED insect light traps on the market.²
Environmentally friendly – Energy-saving modes adapt to the day-night cycle, reducing consumption and contributing to a lower environmental footprint. The low-energy LED lamps have a four-year life span and last 33% longer than competing LED traps on the market.³
Encapsulation module – Better hygiene control by using an adhesive film inside an encapsulation cassette to trap, collect, and contain insects, eliminating the risk of secondary infestations from debris.
No toxic chemicals – Lumnia does not use any mercury or any other chemical, creating a safer environment for everyone.
Discreet design – With its seamless design, customers won’t even know the Lumnia system is there. There’s minimal glare from LEDs and reduced visibility of caught flies. Units also switch between Monitor and Control modes to suit customer and location requirements.
Expansive coverage – With a greater coverage area than any competitor fluorescent insect light trap on the market, up to 2,690 sqft, you and your customers will have nothing to worry about.⁴

How the Lumnia LED Fly Trap Works

Lumnia’s LED technology surpasses traditional fluorescent tubes by emitting a wavelength of light that is 40% more effective in attracting flies, extending its efficacy over a broader area than conventional electronic fly traps. The system offers three adjustable power levels – low, medium, and high – allowing for energy conservation during periods of low activity.

In addition, each power setting is equipped with an intelligent adaptive mode. This feature adjusts the power consumption based on the surrounding light conditions, automatically reducing energy use in lower-light situations, such as during nighttime. The use of glue boards for capturing and neutralizing flying insects is both quick and efficient, significantly diminishing the scattering or bursting of insect remnants. This method eliminates the need for catch trays and the associated unsightly cleanup tasks.

Meet the Lumnia Product Line

The Lumnia collection includes three distinct models, each designed to cater to a variety of settings, from the visibility of front-of-house areas to the rigorous demands of back-of-house operations:

  • Lumnia Compact: Sporting a single LED bulb, this model is perfectly suited for areas where customers are present, blending efficiency with aesthetics.
  • Lumnia Standard: With two LED bulbs, this version is versatile enough to accommodate the needs of businesses of any size, offering a balance of performance and discretion.
  • Lumnia Ultimate: Equipped with three LED bulbs, the Ultimate model is tailored for establishments with high traffic or those requiring stringent adherence to food safety regulations, regulatory compliance, and audit standards, providing unmatched effectiveness and reliability.
Lumnia Compact 
Lumnia Standard 
Lumnia Ultimate 
Model Number  300605 304807 300602
# of Lamps  1 2 3
Total Watts  11 22 33
Max Power Consumption  12W 27W 30W
Voltage Range 100-240 Volt 100-240 Volt  100-240 Volt
Approval UL Approved UL Approved UL Approved
Lamp Life 3 Years  3 Years 3 Years
Energy Savings  * Up to 61% Up to 40%

Lumnia Targets These Pests




Comprehensive Fly Control with Lumnia and McCloud Pest Control

The Lumnia electronic fly management solution offers versatile options for addressing commercial pest concerns across various settings, from public spaces such as lobbies and waiting rooms to critical areas involved in food production, commercial real estate, and the healthcare sector.

Lumnia ensures safety and hygiene by minimizing the threat of flying insect contamination, thereby offering robust, enduring defense for your enterprise. Contact McCloud Pest Control to see if Lumnia is right for you or any other pest-related issues!

¹Findings based on comparison study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2019 between Lumnia models (on Low Power Mode setting) and various fluorescent bulb insect light traps.

²Findings based on a controlled laboratory catch rate study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2023 using the Lumnia Standard versus five competitor models.

³Four-year lamp life based on manufacturer testing of Lumnia LED lamps; lifespan percentage based on available competitor claims as of October 2023.

⁴Findings based on study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2023 comparing max coverage area using Lumnia Standard model in a dark room versus the claimed max coverage area of competitor fluorescent bulb insect light trap units.

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