LEED Compliant Programs

Our pest management program for LEED certified facilities relies on prevention as the primary means of dealing with pests. Non-chemical control tools fit well with pest prevention strategies and lend themselves perfectly to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified facilities. All quality standards and service guidelines in our program apply to LEED certified facilities.

McCloud Services’ service approach supports the following LEED credit categories:

  1. Our green protection plan supports the following LEED credit categories:
  2. Indoor Environmental Quality. EQ Credit 3.9: Green cleaning: indoor pest management. Sustainable Sites. SS Credit 3: Integrated Pest Management, erosion control and landscape management plan (This category refers to outdoor integrated pest management that must be combined with indoor pest management programs. Since our structural pest services protect the immediate exterior of the building, this program has been designed to comply with SS Credit 3).

LEED Pest Management Program Process


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LEED Pest Management Program