Rats and the Pandemic

Rats and the Pandemic – What Businesses can do to Prevent an Infestation 

roof ratSome parts of the U.S. have seen a surge in rat activity, in part, due to the pandemic. As restaurants and other businesses close or reduce services, there is less garbage generated by these establishments. Less garbage means less food for exterior rat populations. Rats will in turn, increase their foraging distances in response to food shortages. Neighboring businesses around closed restaurants and bars are apt to see increased rat activity around their buildings. Rats like the Norway rat and roof rat will live in close association with humans. Although they may venture indoors and consume our food, a more common source of nourishment is exterior garbage.

What Businesses Can do to Prevent Rats

  • Keep areas around dumpsters and dumpster pads clean
  • Avoid storing items like old equipment outside which may provide rodent harborage.
  • Make sure all doors and vents are pest proof. A rat can enter a building through a crack ½” in size.
  • Keep dock doors and other exterior doors closed while not in use.
  • Keep exterior break areas clean of food waste and empty trash receptacles frequently
  • Trim vegetation and avoid landscaping choices which may provide cover for rats
  • Check incoming shipments for evidence of rat activity and reject shipments where rodent evidence if found.
  • Keep back rooms free from clutter which may prevent proper rodent inspections and control.