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Fumigation: An Effective Pest Control Method

Fumigation treatments remain an important element of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and will successfully mitigate pest pressures when performed properly. Here’s some expert insight on fumigation practices as a pest control solution.


Earwigs: A Common Pest of Summer

Earwigs feed on seedlings and can be considered a serious horticultural pest in greenhouses. They will also feed on soft fruits and sweet corn and can cause damage to produce. Follow these pest prevention tips to reduce the risk of an earwig infestation.


Common Pests Found in Restaurants

Here are some of the common pests found in restaurants along with some helpful tips on how to protect your business from a pest infestation.


Protection Against Mosquitoes & Ticks

While these pests are certainly nuisances, they can also transmit harmful diseases like Zika virus, West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and more, which is why McCloud Services is helping to advocate for increased awareness of mosquito and tick prevention this read more


Common Hiding Spots for Bed Bugs

Summer travel means a higher chance of coming into contact with bed bugs who love the warmth and are great at hitchhiking. It’s important to check your room and belongings for these blood sucking insects when traveling and once returning home.

Hazards Ahead: The Canada Goose

During breeding seasons, the Canada goose can attack people from the ground and the air when defending their young and nests. These actions can include charging people and even bites. Management of Canada geese is important for health and safety reasons.

Stored Product Pest Control

Spring Welcomes Stored Product Pests

A pheromone mating disruption program can play a key role in managing stored product pests. Spring is the ideal time to review and renew your stored product pest pheromone programs.

Ants in Food Plants

Pest-Proof Your Home this Spring

McCloud Services encourages homeowners to take the proper precautions to protect their health, food and homes from these unwanted visitors.