Stinging Insects: Identification and Prevention

Identification and Prevention Tips to Control Stinging Insect Populations

Summer is the time when the colonies of stinging insects like bees and wasps are at their peak. As natural food sources like the nectar of flowers decline, these insects may become pests as they search for nectar, pollen, and prey alternatives.

Common Stinging Insects

Stinging Insect Chart Image

Control Methods for Stinging Insects

  • Empty exterior trash receptacles frequently and use trash cans with self-closing lids.
  • Clean up exterior food spills promptly and regularly clean around dumpsters and dumpster pads to reduce available food.
  • Report any nests or activity observed around the building to your pest management professional.
  • Keep doors closed when not in use, screen any doors, vents or windows used for ventilation to help prevent pest entry.
  • Pest proof doors to exclude insects.
  • Check timing mechanisms on automatic doors to make sure they close in a timely manner.