Food and Beverage Venues Present Unique Pest Challenges

September 11, 2019 / Media Mention / Hotel Management Magazine

Patricia Hottel, technical director for McCloud, contributes to Hotel Management’s article “F&B venues present unique pest challenges”

Keeping Pests Out

The easiest way to prevent pests from becoming a problem at your hotel is to stop them from ever entering the building. While hotels may have a hard time screening every guest for bedbugs to prevent those classic pests from entering the property, hoteliers have several avenues when it comes to excluding food-and-beverage pests.

Pat Hottel, technical director at pest-management company McCloud Services, thinks the importance of pest proofing often is overlooked. In addition to actions like closing doors and educating staff, she said hotels can consider inspecting incoming products to ensure they’re not arriving at the hotel with pests inside.

Hottel also recommended monitoring another frequent landing area for pests: break and locker rooms. “The area where a German cockroach problem begins is often where the employees bring their purses and their backpacks and their coats from home,” she said. Should employees have a pest problem at home, she said it is important they stay vigilant and ensure they’re not carrying any unwanted visitors into the property.

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