Good Pest Control Requires Good Records

August 23, 2019 / Media Mention / Food Processing Magazine

McCloud’s Pest Invasion Seminar featured in Food Processing’s article “Good Pest Control Requires Good Records”

Don’t fudge the record

Pests often leave trails. Droppings, sebum stains, dead insects and various other unpleasant markers serve as proof that they are there (and often, clues as to how they got there and how to stop them). There’s another type of trail they should leave, with human help: a paper one. Better still, a digital one.

It occasionally happens that, when a pest problem is detected, a plant manager may be tempted not to enter it into the pest management record to avoid “leaving a paper trail.” Speakers at McCloud’s Pest Invasion Seminar shared advise on how to work with a pest management provider to ensure proper pest control documentation.

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