Important Information Regarding Specialized Training for Employees Working in Food Facilities

Complex federal and state food safety regulations make training and continued education a vital component of successful food safety pest management. Due to ongoing foodborne illness outbreaks and concerns, McCloud Services is generating awareness on the importance of technical training for pest management professionals working in food processing facilities.

Media stories such as the recent court case decision against Peanut Corporation of America CEO Stewart Parnell, (, the final rule announcements under the Food Safety Modernization Act and proposed changes to the Good Manufacturing Practices, serve as recent reminders of the importance of food safety.  Properly trained personnel, whether contractors or full-time employees, is essential.  Pest management professionals are no exception.  Food management professionals play a key role in managing pests and potential contamination of food.  A broad knowledge base is essential in perfecting that food safety role.

McCloud Services recommends two types of training that should occur within the pest management firm.  “A pest management firm specializing in food safety should develop an initial training program for new hires, and a continuing education program for existing employees.  There are many safety risks a new employee can be exposed to, so their training should include a safe driving course and the OSHA ten hour course prior to any on-site training.  Continuing education should focus on worker safety updates, new technologies, technical topics and updates on pests to focus on during inspection,” said Patricia Hottel, technical director at McCloud Services.

Because ongoing training and education for pest management professionals is critical to protecting a food facility, McCloud Services has developed a white paper, “Technical Training for Pest Management Professionals in Food Processing Facilities,” detailing special training needs and categories that are important for employee training including general food safety knowledge, worker safety regulations, third party audit standards, food plant processing systems and equipment, and specific corporate policies and procedures.

To learn more information, please download McCloud Services’ white paper

Technical Training for Pest Management Professionals in Food Processing Facilities


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