German Cockroaches in Restaurants

German Cockroaches Can be a Challenge for Restaurants

by: Anna Getchell, Operations Process Manager – McCloud Services

Pests, like people, have personalities based upon their behavior. Just like in the human world, the pest world is made up of all “types.” Imagine you’re at a party. There are the loud “in-your-face” extroverts that talk to anyone. They don’t have much of a filter, they’re always up in your business, can’t take a hint that they’re being too loud. Those are the flies. On the other side of the pest personality spectrum, we have the German cockroaches. These are the introverts. They’re the ones that cling to the wall at a party, preferring to stay out of the spotlight and in the dark. They don’t want to be noticed like their loud fly counterparts. They want to stay cozied up against the wall where they feel safe and secure.

German cockroaches are cryptobiotic, which means they prefer to stay hidden. In addition, they really prefer to have pressure on both sides of their body. A tight crevice gives them a feeling of security they just can’t obtain out in the open. On top of all these socially inept behaviors, they prefer darkness. The only reason they even came to the party is because it was in the dark.

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