Health Care Facilities are Not Immune to Pests

Building Immunity to Pests – Health Care Facilities are Not Immune to Pests

The level of hygiene and structural maintenance in health care facilities is certainly higher than most commercial structures. Solid sanitation programs and building integrity help reduce pests. However, health care facilities are not immune to the problem of urban pests. Pests can be introduced via patients, visitors, employees and product deliveries. They can also enter structures through the smallest of cracks despite the best of building designs. Even though pests may not be preventable, there are some things that will help reduce the likelihood of problems. Understanding the pest and their behavior is one of the steps to take toward prevention.

Patricia Hottel, technical director for McCloud Services has provided important information for health care facilities about a few of the most harmful pests to a health care facility.

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Building Immunidty to Pests

Pest Management Programs for Health Care Facilities
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