Restaurant Storage Practices to Minimize Pest Risk

McCloud Services Offers Expertise on Reducing Risk of Pests in Restaurants

Among the day-to-day activities of a restaurant, kitchen crews and general managers should also consider the pest management practices in place to prevent pest risk. McCloud Services, a leading pest management company is offering in-depth insight on ways restaurants can mitigate the risk of pests through storage and design.

It is no secret that restaurants are generally considered high risk for pest invasions for a number of reasons, including active food prep areas, heavy employee and customer traffic flow, passage of outside vendors and crowded food storage areas. One pest sighting can be detrimental to an establishment’s brand reputation; therefore, proper policies, training and proactive pest management will mitigate a good portion of pest risk.

“Pests will often hide in only a few spaces, especially in areas that are hard to clean since they attract less attention,” said Anna Berry, BCE, training manager of McCloud Services. “Reducing the potential for pests to find food, water and shelter in a restaurant is an important step to take, as well as properly cleaning kitchen equipment and fixing structural damages. This will mitigate much of the risk, particularly where human behavior is a significant source.”

McCloud Services discusses ways pest risk can be mitigating through storage and design and the preventative measures restaurants and their staff can take in its article, “Simple Solutions for Minimizing Pest Risk in Restaurants through Storage and Design.”

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