Preventing Bird Activity Around the Exterior of a Facility

Preventing Bird Activity Around the Exterior of a Facility


The three main pest bird species in America are all invasive species. They were brought to the U.S. with good intentions but have caused more damage than good instead. These pest birds include the feral pigeon, the European starling and the house sparrow.


Problems associated with pest birds:

  • Spreading of diseases like salmonella which can transfer to food and food contact surfaces.
  • Unsightly droppings that can cause slip hazards on sidewalks and other areas.
  • Nesting material which can catch fire.
  • Damage to products and materials within the facility and storage areas which must be discarded.
  • Birds can damage structures through their droppings. Because of their acidic nature, metal can become corroded.

Follow these Tips to Prevent Birds Around the Exterior of the Facility

  • Clean up any food spills immediately around dumpsters, employee exterior break areas and small waste receptacles.
  • Use waste receptacles with self-closing lids that help prevent pest entry. Empty garbage frequently.
  • Avoid storing racks and pallets outside, which may provide harborage for birds.
  • Pest proof all doors and other openings.
  • Check timing mechanisms on automatic doors. These doors should close approximately 6 seconds after the person enters the building and clears the sensor. Make sure doors seal when they close.
  • Keep dock doors and personnel doors closed when not in use. Check bumper seals around dock doors for a good seal when a trailer is backed up to the door.
  • Report any bird activity on signs, around dock doors, etc. to your pest management provider.

What to do if a Bird Enters the Facility

If a bird enters the facility, quick action is needed to try to get it back out. Once the bird becomes acclimated and finds food, water and shelter, it can be much more difficult to remove. Call you pest management company immediately and notify them of the bird issue. If possible, and prior to the pest management company arrival, try to move the bird back outside. Try to isolate the bird to an area and opening a door. Shutting off lights in the area, if possible, can help encourage the bird towards the exterior light of the open door. If you cannot get the bird back out, the pest management company will coordinate additional control measures.