Preventing Autumn Invaders

Autumn weather is approaching and insects are looking to migrate indoors.  As changes in daylight hours and cooler temperatures near, insects are migrating towards buildings in search of their ideal warm resting spot during the cold winter months.  Now is the time to take proper precautions to your building before these invaders make their way inside!

The food industry needs to take precaution of the below fall invaders now before the weather gets cooler:

  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  • Cluster Fly
  • Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
  • Western Conifer Seed Bug

Prevention tips include:

  • The 3 S’s (Sealing, Sweeps and Screens).  Denying insects access from these ideal harborage sites is the first line of defense.  Use of sealants, door sweeps and screens are the primary exclusion tools in preventing entry.
  • Pay special attention to the sunnier sides of the building as that is where most invaders tend to migrate.
  • Perimeter treatments with insecticides can be used to supplement exclusion efforts.  These applicants should be made to areas where insects are resting and entering the building.  Pest management professionals may need special lifts or ladders to reach affected areas. Treatments need to be made before insects start to enter the structure.
  • If exclusion and preventative pesticide treatments are not effective, insect light traps may be helpful in attracting and eliminating insects not confined in ceiling or wall void spaces.
  • A LED battery operated light trap can be useful in small areas for attracting insects on a temporary basis.  Electrical units should be used for permanent long term programs.
  • Exterior pheromone traps can reduce brown marmorated stink bugs on the exterior.
  • Vacuums can be used to remove insects as well.  Contents should be discarded right after vacuuming as stink bugs can leave odors if left inside.


Insect Enter Structures Leave Structures
Box elder bugs September March-April
Brown marmorated stink bug September- October April- May
Cluster Flies Late August- September March- April
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle October March-April
Western conifer seed bug September May-June