PMP Magazine: Field Training: Bridging the Gap Between Classroom and On-the-Job Action

Patricia Hottel, technical director with McCloud Services, was included in Pest Management Professional’s story on the importance of on-the-job training in the pest management profession.

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More than just ride alongs, field training creates a bridge between classroom education and on-the-job action. Not all professions lend themselves to on-the-job training, but technicians in pest management do not work in a vacuum. They do more than show up and provide treatments. They also have to deal with people, unforeseen obstacles, and unexpected challenges — all while remaining professional, friendly and visibly capable. This is where field training picks up the slack left in the classroom. And though it’s certainly essential to provide other types of training, there are some things you simply can’t learn behind a desk or in front of a computer monitor.

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