Pest Invasion 2013 Addresses Key Food Safety Topics

Pest Invasion 2013 Addresses Key Food Safety Topics and Trends

Nearly 350 attendees gathered April 23 at this premier food safety educational event

Press Release | May 7, 2013

McCloud Services, a leading pest management company with offices in 11 states, today announced its annual Pest Invasion educational seminar achieved a record attendance of nearly 350 food plant professionals, regulators and pest management professionals.  Pest Invasion, an annual premier food industry seminar hosted by McCloud Services, is one of the few pest management seminars with a focus entirely on the food industry.  The event, held Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Ill., combined hands-on training with timely topics important to the food industry.

The seminar focused on the increasing demands for improved food safety, with several speakers addressing the importance of pest management in food safety.  Topics ranged from rodent control updates to fumigation alternatives.  Speakers included Dr. Robert Corrigan of RMC Pest Management, Dr. Steven Kells of the University of Minnesota and Dr. Tom Phillips of Kansas State University.  McCloud Food Safety Manager, Dave Pettigrew and Technical Director, Patricia Hottel, presented information on regulatory updates and third-party audits.  Gene White of Rose Pest Solutions closed-out the conference with a presentation on overwintering pests.

Key takeaways included:

• Dr. Corrigan recognized the importance of quality rodent control as an element of food safety by stressing the relationships between food-borne illness and rodents and food contamination.

• Dr. Kells instructed the audience on the importance of inspection, as well as inspections post-insecticidal treatments.  He has utilized this procedure to help uncover the sources of stored product pest infestations.

• Dr. Phillips reviewed a variety of research that has been performed at Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University.  The research focused on stored product pests and fumigant alternatives.  Phosphine fumigant resistance and strategies to prevent phosphine resistance in insects were also included in the presentation.  Strategies to help prevent resistance include rotating to other fumigant alternatives.

“As we continue to serve the largest food-related brands in the U.S., it is important to address key issues and topics affecting today’s food industry,” said Chris McCloud, president and CEO.  “With a record attendance, Pest Invasion continues to provide key information critical to our industry and we are proud to have hosted another successful seminar.”