How Globalization Challenges Safety In The Food Supply Chain

How Globalization Challenges Safety in The Food Supply Chain

Every day brings a new report about a food product recall. With all of the progress in disease detection and recall management, hasn’t the food supply become safer? Is the increase in recalls a result of more aggressive government enforcement of food safety? Or has the media simply become more attuned to food safety issues and giving them more scrutiny?

The short answer is that the globalization has created gaps in safety in the food supply chain and as a result, recalls are increasing. Food production, warehousing, transportation and supply chain technology has all evolved to close these gaps. But it has taken the supply chain time to identify all of its vulnerabilities and to get up to speed on the tools being introduced.

Patricia Hottel, technical director, contributes to the Food Logistics magazine’s August issue on food safety. Hottel gives perspective on how global trade can increase the challenges of controlling new invasive species.


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