Fumigation: An Effective Pest Control Method

Fumigation Plays Effective Role in Pest Control for Food Safety

McCloud Services Shares Expert Insight on Fumigation Practices as a Pest Management Solution

Performing fumigation work requires highly trained, licensed professionals that have an aptitude for assessing situational need and safety that can model fumigation strategies to meet client needs. It is vital that the need for fumigation be essential or required, that proper gas selection is chosen, and a comprehensive site assessment has been conducted to ensure a safe and effective fumigation.

Fumigation treatments remain an important element of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and will successfully mitigate pest pressures when performed properly,” said Jeff Jones, fumigation manager at McCloud Services. “In some cases, fumigation will be the first and only control method. In other cases, it will be the last resort. If food safety and quality are in danger, and no other pest solution is possible – especially due to time constraints – defaulting to fumigation is prudent.

McCloud Services provides expert insights on the use of fumigation as a pest management procedure in food facilities in its article “Fumigation: An Effective Pest Control Method for the Food Supply Chain of Custody

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