Bird Prevention Tips for Grocery Stores

Bird Control ServicesBird Prevention Tips for Grocery Stores

Pest birds can carry disease, damage products via their feces, carry parasites and even cause fires. Their ability to fly enables them to move freely throughout a store, potentially contaminating a multitude of products and surfaces. Although the public looks upon birds with favor, food safety professionals can attest to the risks these pests can pose to human food.

To reduce the risks that birds present, follow these steps in protecting your store:

  • Reduce conducive conditions on the exterior of the store. This can include open storage totes in the garden centers, exterior equipment storage and stacked pallets. Encouraging birds on the exterior can increase the likelihood of a bird coming indoors.
  • Make sure the automatic doors are opening and closing properly. Automatic doors that stick open or takes too long to close can permit pest entry. A good rule of thumb is the door should remain open only 6 seconds after the pedestrian has cleared the automatic door sensor.
  • Use trash receptacles with self-closing lids to prevent foraging and empty trash receptacles on a frequent basis to prevent garbage from overflowing onto the pavement.
  • Educate employees regarding the risks birds can pose to food safety. Ask them to report bird sightings and nesting to you so that the appropriate control steps can be taken.
  • Keep all dock doors closed when not in use and make sure they are pest proof.
  • Make sure that vents to compressor rooms and similar areas are properly screened to prevent bird entry.
  • Minimize food spillage around exterior dumpsters and employee break areas.