Rodent Prevention Tips for Retail Food Stores

The House Mouse – Rodent Prevention Tips for Retail Food Stores

Mice can invade structures anytime of the year but we often see some spikes in activity in the fall. Agricultural harvest can trigger movement in facilities located near fields. The practice of displaying seasonal items for sale or decoration like straw bales, corn husks and pumpkins can also contribute to mouse activity.

What Can You Do to Prevent Rodents?

  • Make sure all doors and other openings are well sealed. This includes front entrance doors, cart doors and dock doors. A mouse can enter a structure through the crack ¼” in height. They can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime.
  • Use astragal seals to seal the center of double doors. This is a commonly forgotten pest entry point.
  • Keep all doors closed while not in use.
  • Inspect incoming shipments, including pumpkins and fire wood.
  • Keep food spills to a minimum and clean them up promptly.
  • Mouse proof vents around compressor vents to make sure they will exclude mice.


Pest Control for the Grocery Industry

House Mouse Facts

  • Mice are quick, agile creatures and can travel at speeds up to 12 feet per second.
  • Mice feeding habits can differ inside and outside of a structure. Inside they consume human or pet food (they love grains) and outside will consume seeds, vegetation and insects.
  • Mice can survive with little water and will conserve their intake when water sources are scarce.
  • Mice are “nibblers” and will make up to 200 separate trips from a nest to a food source taking only milligrams each visit