Food Manufacturers Issue No-Fly Zones

Food Manufacturers Issue No-Fly Zones

Zero tolerance may be the goal in insect and rodent remediation in food plants, but a priority list can be useful when deploying limited resources to combat an ongoing concern. Patricia Hottel, Technical Director for McCloud Services contributes to Food Processsing’s article on how to prevent fly infestations in food processing and manufacturing facilities. Read the article “Food Manufacturers Issue No-Fly Zones” to learn more

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Fly Management 

Flies are vectors for disease traveling from sewage to the dinner plate. McCloud Services’ No Fly Zone™ program protects your health and safety through inspection and control techniques for small fly and large fly breeding areas. Learn More about the No Fly Zone™ Program

For more information on the risks filth flies can cause and sanitation and exclusion methods, please download McCloud’s article: Fly Familiarity and Food Safety

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